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Service Fees

Service with a smile: that's what you're entitled to - and what you'll get - with each Westbound Bank transaction. Our list of bank service fees below, will clarify and help you to account for any charges associated with specific Westbound Bank transactions.

ATM/Debit Card Services
Westbound Bank ATMNo Charge
Non Westbound Bank ATMNo Charge
ATM or Debit Card Replacements$ 5.00 (per card)
First ATM or Debit CardNo Charge
Additional ATM or Debit Card$ 5.00 (per card)
Customer Service Fees
Stop Payment Charge$10.00 (per item)
Hold Statement$ 5.00 (per month, per account)
Levies/Garnishments$ 50.00 (plus attorney fees)
Account Research$ 25.00 (per hour, one hour minimum)
Account Research Copies$ 2.00 (per copy)
Statement/Document Copy$ 2.00 (per copy)
Close Account within 90 days$ 20.00
Funds Transfer Fee$ 3.00 (per phone transfers, auto transfer between accounts and per auto transfer to prevent Overdraft)
Return Deposited Item$ 5.00
Overdraft Fee$ 29.00 each item paid. Overdraft Fees may be triggered by overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, POS or electronic means. Items paid lowest to highest dollar amount.
Return Item Fee$29.00 is charged on each item presented for payment that was returned due to Non-Sufficient funds to cover the paument of the item. Items presented include, checks, in person withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Overdraft Interest Charge18% interest rate will be charged on the negative daily balance. (Commercial accounts only)
Check Reject Fee$5.00 per check (Rejected checks printed by non bank approved vendor)
Teller Fees
Cashier's Check (Customer)$ 3.00
Money Order (Customer)$ 1.00
Zipper Bag$5.00 (per bag)
Keyed Locked Bags$30.00 (per bag)
Collection Item-Outgoing$ 15.00
Collection Item-Incoming$ 15.00
Foreign Collection Item$ 30.00 (plus cost)
Safe Deposit Box
Safe Deposit BoxSize/cost vary by branch (FDIC does not cover Safe Deposit Box contents)
Past Due Fee$ 10.00
Box Drilling$ 120.00 (or cost if higher)
Lost Key$ 10.00 (per key)
Cash Service Fees
Change Order - Rolled Coin$ .10 per roll
Currency / Strap$ .25 per $1000.00
Vault Services
Coin Deposit / Withdrawal$ 1.00 per $100.00
Currency Deposit / Withdrawal$ 1.00 per $1000.00
Wire Fees
Incoming Wire$ 5.00
Outgoing Wire$ 15.00
International Incoming Wire$ 20.00 (plus correspondent bank charge if applicable)
International Outgoing Wire$ 30.00 (plus exchange fees and correspondent bank charge if applicable)
Outgoing Wire / Foreign Currency$ 45.00 (plus exchange correspondent bank charge if applicable)
Other Fees
Check PrintingCost as ordered
Temporary Checks$ .50 (per check)
Night Depository (replacement key)$ 10.00 (per key)
Revised 07/13



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