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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online banking?

Online banking is banking at your fingertips, at your convenience, at your service. With online banking, you can do all your banking from your home or home office - no postage, no legwork, no additional costs. Access all of your Westbound Bank accounts, any time day or night. All your deposits, loans and more are on-screen and up-to-date. Online banking transactions, including transfers between accounts, bill pay, and so much more, are instantly available to you. That's why more households and businesses are going online every day for their banking, and you should, too.

Is online banking secure at Westbound Bank?

Westbound online banking offers a highly secure network for your transactions. A secure password and ID are required to enter your account.

What are Westbound Bank's service charges?

At Westbound Bank, our service charges vary depending upon your needs and the banking products you choose. We also offer products that allow account balances to partially offset or completely eliminate monthly service charges to your account.

What is your banking philosophy?

Simply stated, banking is about people. Bankers should be your partners in achieving your financial goals, both business and personal. And they should listen to you, and then propose a full array of business banking solutions. They should treat you as if they have a personal stake in your financial success. At Westbound, we measure success by a bank's commitment to you and superior banking services: top interest rates on your deposits, innovative lending programs, efficient time-saving and competitive money-saving services, and unmatched customer service.

Why would I do my business banking with Westbound Bank?

Banking at Westbound is good business. Successful business banking is all about choosing the right solution for the specific situation. One size simply does not fit all businesses. At Westbound Bank, we understand that the size of your business relates directly to the level of your banking needs and offer options for the small, medium-sized and large corporate business customer. While each Westbound business account offers its own particular benefits, all of our accounts are designed to produce the best returns for your business and your bottom line.

What kinds of business loans are available?

At Westbound Bank, you have access to a full array of business loans. We offer all the traditional commercial loan products personalized to meet your unique business needs.

  • Working Capital Lines of Credit: For immediate access to cash for a variety of short-term business financing needs, including working capital, inventory purchase, financing receivables, obtaining trade discounts, and much more.
  • Term Loans: For expenditures and long-term financing needs, such as fixed asset purchases.
  • Commercial Real Estate: To purchase or refinance both commercial and industrial real estate.
  • Construction Loans: Available for residential, office and industrial construction projects, and land acquisition.

Why would I choose this community bank over a larger national bank?

As a community bank, Westbound offers a brand of banking we describe as "personalized banking with a global outlook," combining high-tech banking with an emphasis on individual customer needs. When you come to Westbound Bank, we know who you are. Our staff recognizes you and knows your name. You have a personal Westbound banker, your direct connection to banking suited to your needs. And when you need a loan, we make lending decisions locally, not at a national headquarters, so our response time is simply faster. Our leaders and executives are also successful businesspeople who have strong ties to your community. Westbound Bank is a federally-insured, full-service bank with a strong commitment to our community and a strong foundation in modern banking. We share your goals and are ready to answer your needs, right here at home.

Why should I move my accounts to Westbound Bank?

At Westbound, it's our job to integrate the facets of your financial life and to understand how they impact your quality of life. Combining your business and personal banking under one roof means putting the support of our many banking experts on your personal staff, each working to maximize your success. Your personal banker at Westbound will proactively bring you the best opportunities in banking, both for your business and your personal needs. When you do all your banking at Westbound, you get the best of both worlds.

Are you my personal banker?

Each Westbound customer is assigned a personal banker. You'll receive your personal banker's business card and direct phone number. If you have a problem or question, you can call your personal banker directly. Your Westbound personal banker also will be calling you about bank programs that will be beneficial for your business and your personal finances. Larger banks may not offer this high level of personalized bank service. At Westbound Bank, we thrive on it. We take a long view of the future, while keeping a close eye on every customer and that includes you.

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